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Dial 1-900-PRO-LIFE
To participate in a telephone Poll on Abortion

($1.95 per minute. Average call: 2 minutes. You must be 18 years old.)

Now you can send important messages to the President and major media news wire services about abortion by calling 1-900-PRO-LIFE (1-900-776-5433). You can make a difference!

Join our national telephone poll by calling 1-900-PRO-LIFE. Three questions in our poll that you can choose from include:

  1. Do you support late-term Partial-Birth Abortions? (If you don't know about Partial-Birth Abortions, please take a look at the link to our web page describing Partial-Birth Abortions and other abortion procedures and then call 1-900-PRO-LIFE to voice your opinion.)


  2. Do you support tax-payer funded abortions? (In other words, do you want your tax dollars being used to pay for abortions? In California alone, $42 million of taxpayer money was recently approved within the new state budget to pay for 120,000 Medi-Cal abortions in 1998. Should your hard-earned tax money be used to pay for abortions like this?)


  3. Do you support Parental Notification laws regarding abortion? (Should there be a law saying that parents must be informed if their teenage daughter wants to get an abortion? Parents have to sign a release for a daughter to get her ears pierced or to take an asprin at school. Parental consent laws in Minnesota reduced teenage abortions by 25% in just a few years. What's your opinion about Parental Consent Laws and abortion?)

Please call 1-900-PRO-LIFE right now to voice your opinion on one, or all of these questions. It takes less than two minutes to answer all three questions. Your answers will be tabulated each month and the poll results will be sent to the President and major news wire services from which TV, radio and newspaper reporters get breaking stories.

The results will also be regularly updated on our website.

Calls to 1-900-PRO-LIFE cost $1.95 per minute. Part of the proceeds will help Pro-Life America fund ongoing pro-life education efforts. We are currently trying to raise money to maintain, update and promote this website. We are also trying to raise funds to print and distribute millions of copies of a 24-page, 4-color newpaper that includes much of the information and photos you find on this website. There's a link on our Home page that will tell you more about our exciting newspaper campaign for colleges and high schools.

Your financial help will be a blessing as it will make it possible for us to save many moms and babies from abortion. Lives and souls are at stake. Please call 1-900-PRO-LIFE to voice your opinion and help us continue this urgent life-saving effort. Thank you and God Bless You! (You must be 18 years or older to call)

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