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Symptoms of Post-Abortion Syndrome

Women frequently need counseling help after their abortion.

Symptoms can show up in many different ways . . . Pain & Suffering after Abortion can be devastating.


"People do not understand that there are thousands of serious physical complications from abortion every year in this country."

-- Dr. Bernard Nathanson, OB/GYN (Former abortionist)


ABORTION: Possible Effects on Your Body



* Intense pain * Punctured uterus * Excessive bleeding

* Infection * Parts of baby left inside * Shock/Coma

* Damage to other organs * Death


* Inability to become pregnant again * Miscarriage/Stillbirths

* Tubal Pregnancies * Premature births

* Pelvic inflammatory disease * Hysterectomy

ABORTION: Possible Effects on Your Emotions



* Guilt * Desire to become pregnant again

* Depression/Crying * Inability to forgive yourself

* Intense grief/sadness * Anger/Rage

* Emotional numbness * Sexual problems

* Lowered self-esteem * Nightmares

* Anorexia or other eating disorders * Drug or alcohol abuse

* Suicidal urges

Post Abortion Syndrome

(Women suffering mental and emotional anguish following an abortion)


"Abortion has a painful aftermath, regardless of the woman's religious beliefs, or how positive she may have felt beforehand about her decision to abort."

-- Vincent Rue, Ph.D. - Psychologist

Dr. Anne Speckhard, Ph.D., in her study on Post Abortion Syndrome, found the following effects on women:


23% had hallucinations related to the abortion

35% perceived visitation from the aborted child

54% had nightmares related to the abortion

69% experienced feelings of "craziness"

73% had flashbacks of abortion experience

81% had a preoccupation with the aborted child


61% increased their use of alcohol

65% had thoughts of suicide

69% were sexually inhibited

73% had flashbacks of the abortion

77% experienced an inability to communicate

81% experienced frequent crying

Help Is Available!

If you are suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome -- help and healing is available:

For Post-Abortion counseling, call:

American Rights Coalition at 1-800-634-2224

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