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Two Powerful Youth Videos from RADIX . . .

1. A Hard Hitting, No Punches Pulled Presentation of the Church's Teaching on Sexual Morality

Unpacking the 6th and 9th Commandments"

When was the last time you heard a 9th grade Confirmation student say, "I finally understand what the 6th and 9th Commandments really mean." Or an 11th grade high school student say, "I really understand these commandments now because RADIX speaks to us on our level." How about hearing a priest come out of a confessional and say "the depths of these young people's confessions were truly profound, they seemed to really understand and connect with how RADIX presented these commandments." Even parents have said, "I really enjoyed this presentation, the message was clear and taught me a lot more about these commandments and my faith as a whole. I didn't realize there was so much I didn't know." Well brothers and sisters, whether you're a parent, a religious education teacher, or a DRE. Maybe you're a youth minister, a Pastor, or the head of a youth outreach program. No matter what your involvement is with young adults, teens (or even young married couples), this video is just what you've been looking for.

In this 60 minute video, the youth outreach group RADIX, using a variety of sound effects, music, lighting, comedy, serious drama and sound doctrine, presents the 6th and 9th commandments in a framework of the overall picture of God's plan for his children. Beginning with a basic introduction of creation, sanctifying grace, sin, free will and more, RADIX shows how the holiness of sex, the sanctity of marriage and the virtue of modesty are all connected to Jesus Christ and His Passion on Calvary. This video is an excellent teaching tool for any classroom or living room. Experience the effects this one presentation has had on countless young people around the country of all ages. If RADIX's previous release of "The Meditation of the Passion of Christ" left you wanting more, then your prayers have just been answered. Get your copy today and strike while the iron is still hot! Our youth are the hope of the future.

"How Far Can You Go? The 6th and 9th Commandment" is a hard hitting, no punches pulled presentation of the Church's teaching on sexual morality. As pastor of a large parish with many teenage parishioners I'm ever more conscious of the need to be clear and precise about how we teach morality to our young people. I wholeheartedly recommend this Radix video to those charged with the responsibility of raising our children in the ways of faith.
-- Father Desmond Daly, Pastor, St. Michael Parish, Hudson, Florida.

* * * This RADIX Chastity video, "How Far Can You Go? Unpacking the 6th and 9th Commandments" is available from Pro-Life America for a donation of $25.00.
(This price includes shipping & handling.)


Witness The Tremendous Suffering that Christ Endured for Us and the Unfathomable Depth of His Love and Mercy

Video Presentation by RADIX

Have you ever felt like you needed a little reinforcement in your faith? Maybe you have relatives or friends who are just too caught up in the day to day activities of life to give their faith a second thought. Perhaps you have teenagers and young adults in your family that need something to capture their attention and draw them closer to Jesus Christ. Well brothers and sisters, your prayers have just been answered.

In this video presentation, you are about to witness first hand one of the most dramatic and earthshaking presentations on the Passion of Jesus Christ ever seen. The power of this presentation has literally reduced thousands of people to tears. Children, adults and yes, even the teenagers and young adults who thought they were too cool to give their Faith a chance, have all been so moved by this presentation that their lives have been changed forever.

It gives us great joy and inspiration to introduce to you - perhaps for the first time - one of the most talented and gifted groups of young people we have ever come across. RADIX, a youth outreach group from Lincoln Nebraska, is made up of young people who are committed to Christ and His teachings given to us through the Holy Catholic Church. RADIX has performed at World Youth Day and National Youth Day in Denver and have produced a variety of music albums for young and old alike. Their mission is to spread the truth of the Catholic faith through an unimaginable variety of ways, such as music, drama, comedy and one-on-one evangelization. They speak the truth to adults and youth in a style that guarantees deep reflection, thought and encouragement.

This video presentation on "The Meditation of the Passion of Christ" is one of their most powerful and requested performances. It provides insight into the tremendous suffering that Christ endured for us, and the unfathomable depth of His love and mercy. After watching this video and seeing its effects on those who watch it with you, we are sure you will agree, that this one presentation is worth its weight in gold.

If you were to buy 1 video this year, this is the one to get. Don't make the mistake of letting this video presentation pass you by. You owe it to yourself, your children and your friends. Get your copy today!

* * * "THE MEDITATION OF THE PASSION OF CHRIST" video is available from Pro-Life America for a donation of $25.00. (This price includes shipping & handling.)

Each RADIX video is available from Pro-Life America for a suggested donation of $25.00 (This includes shipping and handling.) Please send your check or money order payable to Pro-Life America to:

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Please include a note indicating which RADIX video you are ordering. Also, remember to include your name, address and phone number. Thank you for your order -- and thank you for helping us spread the gospel through these incredibly inspiring videos!

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