First Kiss on Their Wedding Day!

Excerpt from "His Perfect Faithfulness" by Eric and Leslie Ludy

I remember writing a little poem for Leslie to open and read the morning of our wedding day. In it, I shared my excitement to be one with her life and to finally kiss those lips I had known, from what had become a painful distance, for three years.

The moment she would come to me at the side of her father, dressed in the purest white symbolized so much between us - not only the joys of rewarded patience and prayer, but the hope of what we both anticipate with the breath of our very beings...the imminent, triumphant return of Christ for His sparkling Bride.

In the little poem I had given her, I had finished with the promise that when she came down the aisle, I would be waiting for her with tears and a smile. Well, there I stood at the head of the aisle on that unforgettable eve in December, awaiting my princess's entrance.

A trumpet sounded, and all rose to their feet. There, with such joy in my heart, I stood and wept. I could not see her yet, and I struggled to mold a smile into my convulsing face of tears. Tears and a smile I had promised Leslie, but if she entered now, she would see only tears.

I strained to physically express the joy in my heart for my princess would soon enter through the wreathed archway. Suddenly, at the very moment I saw my beautiful bride, God's indescribable peace poured out upon the candle-lit sanctuary. A smile creased my tear-moistened face.

To a tune Leslie had written a couple years prior that we entitled the "Sunrise Song," I beckoned her with the words:

The trumpet calls you, Radiant Bride.

Dressed in the purest, most dazzling white,

Cherish this moment bathed in starlight,

Christ's beautiful princess shinning so bright.

Beautiful emerald eyes, come to me,

O Radiant Bride.

A father gives up his daughter tonight.

O what a Radiant Bride!

The sanctuary was heavy with emotion, and God's smile seemed to bathe our souls with His pleasure. The drama of that night was etched upon our hearts by God's very finger emblazoning forever upon our minds the significance of obedience unto the will of our Lord.

Four years prior, I'd surrendered the pursuit of romantic relationships to God. I took the radical step of abandoning the dating scene, determining to wait for Him to bring my wife to me in his perfect time. I never dreamed that such a beautiful love story would follow and that He'd pick for me such a gorgeous bride. He taught me that if I'd selflessly live, He'd abundantly give. That was proven true on our wedding night as we shared our first kiss. I discovered that when God writes the script, sure there are tears, but celebration wins out in the end!

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Source: You Magazine