Finding True Love
Learn how to survive today's sex culture, plus . . .
Important tips on dating, sex, love and life! (WWJD)

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Amanda Penix


Miss Oklahoma

USA 2000

Amanda Rochelle Penix

 Age: 21

(Birthday: September 15, 1978)

Amanda sent Pro-Life America her thoughts on dating and saving sex for marriage. Here are Amanda's comments:

 On Chastity: 

"I'm saving sex for marriage because of my personal moral conviction first off. Secondly, because I want it to be something wonderfully special between my husband and I. I don't want him to compare me to anyone else and I don't want to compare him. And lastly, because of all the consequences premarital sex yields."

 On Saying "No":

"You can avoid pressures to have sex by avoiding the situations in which the temptation might be there, which includes avoiding being alone with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and even avoiding people that pressure you. Let others know about your decision to save sex for marriage – don't be embarrassed."

"The best way to say 'No' to sexual advances is to set boundaries for yourself now and inform anyone you are dating of these limits. Stand firm in your decision – don't compromise!"

"If a friend was afraid of losing her boyfriend because of saying 'No' to sex, I would tell her it's not true love and he's not worth holding on to. If he can't respect you for your decision and stay true to your wishes then he is not putting you first in the relationship. He's being selfish."

On Modesty:

"When a girl wears sexy clothes, she thinks she'll get attention. She may have low self-esteem and that's how she plans on getting noticed. When guys see girls wearing revealing clothes, guys think 'EASY!' They immediately think she's asking for it!"

On Marriage:

Amanda listed these as the qualities she's looking for in a husband:

      1. He must be a Christian -- completely sold out to God,
      2. A sense of humor,
      3. A sincere and genuine heart,
      4. An unselfish spirit, and
      5. A man strong in character.

 On Love:

 "True love is an action – a verb. It's not 'I love you if you have a nice car'. I'll know it's true love when the Lord shows me he's the one."

Amanda's Biography – Past, Present & Future . . .


Amanda attends Oklahoma Baptist University and plans to graduate in December 2000 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Amanda graduated from Bethel High School in 1996.

Work Experience:

Full-time college student and part time position with family-owned sign business as a graphic designer. Amanda also speaks publicly promoting chastity and sexual abstinence before marriage.

Career Ambition:

"To follow every step the Lord leads me to."

Talents/Special Training:

Received five years of art classes; assisted the coaching of a youth drama team; member of youth choir at church.


Graduated a year early as Salutatorian; President of Art Club; Vice President of National Honor Society; Who's Who Among American High School Students; Homecoming Court Attendant; Prom Queen; Awarded the Riddle Scholarship, as well as an academic and art scholarship from Oklahoma Baptist University; Teacher of Sunday school class for two and three year olds; Church youth group member.

Charitable Involvemants:

Amanda speaks to teens and encourages them to save sex for marriage.

What's HOT!

Favorite Recording Group:

Jennifer Knapp

Favorite Book or Author:

"He is in Heaven" by Angela Tucker and the "Left Behind" series by Tim LaHaye and Jim Jenkins

Favorite Sport:


Person I'd Most like to Interview:

Elizabeth Dole

Chat Room:

"I believe the biggest problem facing us today is premarital sex. It is potential suicide. It has been said that the sexual depravity to which modern youth is exposed is 'a greater danger than a nuclear war'."

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